The Trivium

The Trivium is the dominant religion in the Empire of Vespera, it is the chosen religion of Emperor Kranz-Meyer Wolfhart X and it is also the most powerful and wealthy religion in the inner provinces. Because of this, the Theurges of the Trivium enjoy a tremendous amount of power on their home ground, having tremendous political, temporal, and economic clout.

The deistic practices of the Trivium revolve around the worship of a central god, the Deus. As a sole deity, the Deus is responsible for all of creation, dominant over the realms of man, and held responsible for humanities creation and welfare. However, the Deus is also represented by three roads of human nature, the Aspects.

Among the Trivium each Aspect of the Deus represent three paths of worship,the three roads of truth or Via Veritas. While most of the lay followers of the Trivium are devoted to the Deus, those who seek enlightenment through the Via Veritas of the Trivium begin by vowing themselves to a single path – a Via Deus – to follow until they have reached a higher understanding.

There are three Via Deus acknowledged by the Trivium.

The Via Primus – governing understanding of nature, the elements, and the intricacies of the corporeal world. In essence science as a pathway to understanding.

The Via Bellus – governing the perfection of thought through the perfection of oneself as tested in the crucible of battle. A road for warriors.

The Via Lux – governing the search for enlightment through the study of holy scripts, the orders and laws of the core of the Trivium, the Lux Veritas.

The Trivium

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